Clothes Make The Rider

Whether you own a Harley or just want to look like you do, the clothes you wear can make or break you. The true Harley Davidson experience requires a little preparation besides the bike. Most dealerships also sell clothes, or purchase them online.

The Black leather jacket is the first clothes item that comes to mind. Harley Davidson has a trademark black leather jacket. This jacket is worn not only for attitude, but to protect the rider from the elements. It is important to get a jacket that fits. Leather sizing is not always the same as regular street clothes sizing. Also remember that leather will stretch a little and mould to your body shape with frequent wearing. This does not mean that you should buy a size smaller as leather only gives in areas that it needs to. If you can't afford a leather jacket, a vest made of leather or denim with a Harley Davidson logo may be a good substitute.

Black leather pants are also important for the rugged rider clothes look. Buying leather pants at the same time as the jacket will ensure that the color of the dyes matches if that is important to you. There are several different styles available ranging from classic leather pants, to black leather motorcycle chaps that are worn over jeans or other pants.

Black leather boots are classic Harley Davidson attire. They scream the word "tough". They are available in several styles for both men and women. Women may also choose clogs and sandals, however these are not recommended for serious riding.

Should motorcycle riders wear helmets or not? This is a question that has been left up to the rider to answer. If safety is as important as the clothes you wear a Harley Davidson half helmet may be just what you are looking for. Several other styles are available if you can't pull off this classic look.

Whether you choose a helmet or not, goggles are valuable eye protection that keeps out dust and bugs, as well as adding to "the look". No one looks cool with a dead bug in his or her eye.

Gloves are also popular with riders. They are of course made of black leather too, and may be open tipped, full fingers and even heated. Gauntlets with fringe look especially cool.

These are the basic pieces of a Harley Rider's clothes wardrobe. Other options include t-shirts, jeans, special rain gear, bandanas, watches and sunglasses. Leather saddlebags are also a good investment.

There are several articles of clothes available for your special little rider as well. Everything from diaper covers and micro-sized leather jackets to teeny leather boots. It's never too early to love a Harley.

Motorcycle leathers represent a significant investment. Proper care should be taken to preserve and protect these articles, especially if the wearer is a dedicated rider who rides in any weather. Waterproofing and cleaning properly will help keep leather clothes supple and looking good, as well as promoting longevity of wear.