Did You Say Harly

If you are looking for a special ride and you see a motorcycle with Harly painted on the side do not buy it no matter how good the deal seems to be. Harley-Davidson is a registered trademark and only real Harleys can bear the logo. Notice that is Harley, not Harly.

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company was established in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was co-founded by William Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, and William Davidson. The three Davidsons were brothers, and William Harley was Arthur's friend. They named the company Harley-Davidson with the hyphen in the middle to tell people there was more than one founder. Rumors for the reason Harley's name is first range from because it sounded better, to because he came up with the design for the first engine. The hyphen is often left out, especially on websites and when searching online.

If you search for Harly on the Internet you will come up with results, even though it is not the proper spelling of the name. This happens either due to typos, or cleverly designed search engine optimization of ads. Whatever the reason, most of these sites are still legitimate. Do not be afraid to order from them or follow their advice. Any products for sale with the word Harly however, are not legitimate. They are either cheap knockoffs or out right scams. Don't waste your money.

Legitimate Harley-Davidson dealers are located all over the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. Most dealerships sell not only motorcycles, but also Harley Davidson clothing and accessories as well. The very first Harley dealer was C.H. Lang. He opened for business in Chicago, Illinois in 1904 and sold one of the first 3 production Harley Davidson motorcycles ever sold.

Once you have purchased a Harley-Davidson you might decide to customize it. Once again if the parts say Harly Davidson look elsewhere. If the guy selling you the parts is named Harly, well that's just a heck of a coincidence.

There are many kits available to help you customize your bike yourself, or you can take it to the shop. If you can afford it you may even want to have your own customized bike designed and built just for you. Some people choose to customize to increase functionality. This may include installing luggage racks. Some people customize to fit their riding style. This is where chrome comes in. Chrome fenders are just the beginning. Chrome hardware such as polished screws and bolt covers can actually be matched to your other accessories. A chrome master cylinder cover and chrome hand levers complete the look.

Custom paint is another way to establish your own style. You will probably want to have this done unless you are an artist yourself. Any bike can be custom painted whether it is a touring bike, a cruising bike, or a racing bike. Just make sure the artist paints Harley-Davidson, not Harly-Davidson. The paint job should reflect the riders personality.